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Welcome to The Oasis.

The Oasis is a unique sort of spa for the soul designed for good people who want to live a simple and sovereign life, and who are hearing a new call from the heart of Jesus Christ. 

If you've been looking for a regular rhythm of stories, sharing, discovery and growth, now is a great time to join us! At only $40 month, this membership is a valuable addition to your personal support system, and will nourish and edify your faith.

Natalia Garcia

World Cup Tennis Athlete / Dietician & TV Cooking Show Star

"Amazing. Thank you for changing my Life.”

What We're Up To:

We are a global community of disciples of Love. We come  from many spiritual traditions, and we gather online weekly to strengthen our faith and deepen our intimacy with God. We get to do this inside a supportive friendship of like-minded peers. The ripple effect of this partnership yields extraordinary miracles in our individual lives, mission and communities.


We follow The Sovereign Way, a simple, non-denominational path of spiritual growth that incorporates a modern understanding of metaphysics, quantum mechanics, Bible study, genuine impact in our communities, and your own real life co-creation with

Jesus Christ.

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You could say we're a pack of lone wolves, as we're all individually working on our mission and vision, but we come together for practice, discovery, training and friendship. 

Our common interest is mastering a sovereign life in a turbulent world, and together we are developing our vibrational mastery, mental mastery and devotion. We are all discovering Jesus in new, individual ways. We are all believing that Love wins. 

John Olenski, Florida

A door opened to something beyond my imagination, from reconciling an estranged relationship to focusing and amplifying my spiritual authority. I get so much of my spiritual strength from our weekly group sessions, I thrive in the story-telling.

When you join The Oasis you enter a group of conscious and curious students doing what we can to live a life of grace, poise and mastery. We are intellectuals, mystics, influencers, leaders, and bog standard good people just doing the thing. 

You'll have access to a powerful prayer circle where miracles unfold daily. You'll have access to hundreds of hours of evocative reflections and stories from The Sovereign Way. You will have behind-the-scenes access to the teachers and be included in workshops, research and masterminds. You'll make new friends and laugh a lot! 

Above all, you will be soaking in Grace.

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You Get


Weekly story time huddle  and spiritual / biblical Q&A.


Library of resources, including teaching series, meditations, thought experiments and workbooks for self-paced spiritual exploration.


Join a hive mind of professionals, practitioners, light-workers and ministers from multiple spiritual traditions and industries of world service.


Daily prayer circle and vibrational back up, love bombs when you need them and words of solace and friendship.

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You can attend as much or as little as you like, you will never be left behind. 

Some of our members attend every session every week. Others pop in when they need the magic. Still others prefer to enjoy our courses on their own time and just join in with prayer and energy work. You are sovereign here, and there is no expectation or pressure to perform other than to be present to the group energy.

Presentations are rich and multilayered, speaking to each individual personally and invoking clarity and empowerment through a tapestry of sermon, meditation and story-telling. 

Group sessions are lively, intimate and fun - a judgment-free environment of sincere learning about God. We study scripture together, practice metacognition methods and energy work, and share reports and revelations from real life.

Esther Carlson, managing VP / executive financial advisor

I have, since the very beginning of meeting Elizabeth at a community event, felt divinely guided to follow her teachings. Interestingly enough as knowledgeable and scholarly sophisticated about spiritual growth she is, I have found her teachings simple and easy to follow.


The Oasis Inner Circle group and our recent Deliverance series is a delicious form of nourishment for my day to day life. From those practical experiences in our sessions I walk with Jesus and grow my peace. I had no idea how powerful it can be to participate in this group of human spirit guides that have all lived a life devoted to developing themselves and growing in their spiritual gifts.


It’s simple. It’s beautiful and it has had a huge impact on how I manage my business and my wealth. I am better able to receive the abundance that’s always been there and I’ve shifted into a full understanding that my ascension is happening just as it should. I need not worry or resist it. Thank you so much for your guidance, Oasis circle!


is a spiritual teacher and mystic with interfaith expertise, specializing in ascension of consciousness.


As a private teacher to high-level thinkers and influencers exploring the mystery of divine union, she has hundreds of proven case studies in clinical ascension as she guides her clients using storytelling infused with metacognition, energy work and prayer.

Author of the book "The Sovereign Way", Elizabeth is a beloved speaker in her community. Above all, she is a Voice of power and truth, and a devoted student of Love. In The Oasis, you get to work directly with Elizabeth and her team of Sovereign leaders.


Enrol Right Now

We can't wait to meet you!

  • The Oasis 2024

    Every month
    Spiritual liberation and development
    • Weekly: Live access to our weekly teachings & transmission.
    • Weekly: Small group study, practice, share and fellowship
    • Ongoing: Energy work and prayer.
    • Ongoing: Conscious community and friendship.
    • Ongoing: Online courses and video tutorials

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