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Sovereign is a spiritual movement, a wave of new understanding and freedom dispensed into leaders of humanity for our time. It is an anointing, or a dimension of being if you like—a liberated and hopeful way of approaching life and a way of mastery that lifts burdens and opens opportunities as you tend to your dearest devotion with a grace that transcends reason. You’ve begun to hear the word sovereign everywhere. Even though you've always been different from the mainstream you now feel more sovereign than ever before. Your thoughts are more free, your spirit is more free, your movements are more free—even though you see control and oppression around you.

To be Sovereign is to be free. Your thoughts liberated from old patterns, your energy field strong and clear, your body, emotions and reason all in harmony with what is True for your life, your actions purposeful and impactful. In this sovereign poise, you liberate the path that belongs to you alone. Your life is unfolding organically. As you distill Truth from your engagement with life your intimacy with God is deepening and your mental and vibrational mastery are improving. Your ascension is getting easier, but the process is either:


  • a laborious trudge through the cycles of karma, inherited cultural and intergenerational trauma, other people’s projections and empathically absorbed melancholy, sifting and sorting through archives of theories, clearing energetic feedback from the latest full moon eclipse, resisting religious oppression by the trending charismatic leaders, fickle spiritual diets from the zillions of white-toothed social media influencers, bone-crushing compression and ascension symptoms, and "all that stuff", or

  • it is a light and joyful surrender.

The second option—a light and joyful surrender—is easier to experience when you can delegate 90% of "all that stuff" and instead focus your energy entirely on the Way ahead. The simplicity opens space for the natural illumination of your heart and mind as you mature with Life. You don’t even need to kill your Ego. It's actually a jolly friend for the ride, and an important companion for holiness. 

When humans create theological frameworks to help them relate to God—that timeless, ineffable Source of creativity and power—we have a structure that we call religion. Religion is a system of wisdom and method that serves to hold space in our consciousness for remembering who we really are and where to find Love. Like all human-made tools it's often abused, but first and foremost it exists to hold our hearts open for possibility and hope, and it keeps our discernment piqued and active. It provides guardrails that keep our energy cohesive, help us understand ourselves and how to move in a world that is timelessly changing. Societies inherently structure themselves around a set of optimal rules that work best for staying viable. For the flock, religion is usually a workable way to know God together. For the most part, religion is not about oppression or competition between sects of Truth, but about cultivating the essence of belonging, community and love. 

But this delicate balance between structure and essence falls apart when arbitrary regulations are used as scaffolding for propping up society—in place of genuine connection. Eventually, any human-controlled system only works if other humans agree to be controlled like untamed creatures likely to run amok without proper fencing—and some of us are indeed thusly inclined. But we are changing. Sometimes slowly and sometimes fast, the human consciousness evolves over time as we collectively assimilate life lessons and as a result Know more about love. As our generations evolve, our religions evolve—although since brick is denser than ether, all institutions move slower than Spirit.

Sometimes there is a way that seems to be right, but in the end it is the way to death.

Proverbs 16:25

In every generation is a group of pioneers. The mystics, artists, scientists, philosophers, humanitarians and adventurers simply can’t be fenced in as they reach into the expansive possibility and inch by inch move the boundaries of how we know God. This doesn’t always look like spiritual progress, mind you. Sometimes it even seems as though God retreats from us when we take a step forward. But progress is always occurring.


For example, when religious idealism was removed from the scientific process during the Age of Enlightenment, secular thought became the supreme ruler of what’s what, and the gnosis within mysticism and lore fell away. This was no accident on God's part. Without religion, suddenly Source could be Known in a new way—made even more real from the microcosm to the outer borders of the universe. When Einstein formulated the unified field theory we had the scientific foundation for the omnipresence of Spirit. Indeed, we Know there's a God-particle: the adamantine particle of Substance that precedes all mass. Unprecedented masses of individuals are remembering who we are, and the children of our age are born already Knowing. We are always going deeper into God no matter how we explore. 

As one of the pioneers, your ascension is happening through your life’s strategic, progressive illumination. You are grounded in something that is not attached to religious propriety, much less dependent on the collective experience. Christ has personally called you Sovereign, so how you experience your ascension is entirely relative to your unique and personal relationship with him. Your way of understanding is completely unique as well, and so is the vibrational magic that is cultivating inside you. Above all, your devotion is utterly unique. You need to be free to Love the way you Love.

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