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Prayer Request and Manifestation Support

Science of mind, energy work, neurolinguistic mastery, understanding of metaphysical law, and devotion in Christ.


Keynote Speaking and Wedding Officiation

Exquisite vibrational transmission and eloquent mastery of multiple spiritual languages.


Meditations and Voiceover

Master storyteller with highly developed vibrational and vocal control, hypnotic voice and advanced narrative delivery.

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Spiritual Direction and Consulting

High-thinking solution generator with IQ of 140 and superior execution skills for excellence in design and delivery.



Working with influencers, leaders and spiritual aspirants to train in spiritual mastery and initiation into higher service.


Spiritual Healing

Conduit for Holy Spirit's universal life force via hands on healing (by referral only). Reiki Master Teacher.

Behold, I AM doing a new thing,

do you not perceive it?

I will make a way in the wilderness, and wellsprings in the desert."

Isaiah 43:19

Who Are You?

Elizabeth's clients are healthy and curious spiritual seekers, aware that they have been called to a path of world service. They come from a range of spiritual backgrounds and are becoming leaders in their field of influence. They are now crossing a new threshold into higher level of impact and leadership in their unique mission field. 

Clients approach Elizabeth for a combination of four things:


  • Mental mastery: They want a peaceful and powerful thought world, dissolve overthinking or rumination, release mental patterns and stories, activate genius, design and master a prayer life.

  • Vibrational mastery: They want to strengthen their spiritual protection, discharge or ground turbulent energy, master emotions, enhance magnetism and presence, or use spiritual healing or miracle-work as solutions in business, relationship and life.

  • Ascension and intimacy with God: "I know there's more and what I've learned doesn't make sense anymore. I'm ready to cross this threshold, enhance my mastery and deepen the mystery." 

  • Manifestation: They want practical execution support for manifesting their new platform and expression of service. 


With Elizabeth's unique Holy Spirit-led approach to bespoke project execution, her clients have (amongst other extraordinary things):

  • Started a transition coaching and healing business helping families dealing with the death of a loved one. 

  • Created a cooking show to inspire other blind people to find joy and healthfulness in the kitchen.

  • Created an online course and web platform from their philosophical synthesis of the universe to help men reconcile with life.

  • Created a website and online course to help cancer survivors find joy in every day life.

  • Created a platform as a motivational speaker for suicide prevention and mental wellness for youth.

  • Created a stunning eBook with curated Bible verses for resilience and courage.

  • Written a recipe book based on their story of overcoming eating disorders to help others recreate their relationship with food.

  • Created an anthology of poetry for single moms recovering from abusive relationships. 

  • Designed high level brand aesthetic as a beautiful portfolio of communication materials for massive community impact and buy-in. 

We witness miracles every day. Her students have overcome addictions, emerged from despair with renewed hope and vitality, solved impossible problems in their relationships and businesses, and created their lives' legacy. They have opened the doors of perception and released the patterns of anxiousness and doubt, they have enhanced their magnetism and found Love. They have initiated into the higher spheres of awareness and collective service. 

Why do doctors, psychiatrists, artists, philanthropists, inventors, mystics, and spiritual entrepreneurs find her work so powerful? See what they have to say.

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