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Elizabeth of Sovereign

Writer, Storyteller, Teacher, Speaker

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I am Elizabeth.

A good woman living a simple and sovereign life in a little yellow cottage in Sarasota, Florida. 

I used to be an overthinker, locked in a mental prison of constantly weighing one probability against another, anxiously seeking the Truth like it was lost somewhere in an endless sea of conflicting data. I had to make life happen, prove my mastery, purify my energy field, choose the right path and avoid the many dangers - both in this world and the unseen dimensions beyond. 

But during a strange period of absurd and traumatic life transformations from 2017 until 2022, I wrote an ontology. While I was surviving a bear attack, living off apricots and magic in a tent with my young and homeless children, learning the healing arts, experiencing a metaphysical formula for manifesting manna, and discovering my own unique friendship with a personal Savior, I synthesized and wrote as much as I could about what Jesus was revealing to me in our daily conversations. 

This ontology helped me organize my heart's intelligence, untangling and re-arranging my endless mental processing into a lacy doily of linear illustrations to help me understand who I am and why I'm here.

I called it

The Sovereign Way



Organizing the mystery of Being

The Sovereign Way ontology showed a way of healing, mastery and devotion that would always unfold uniquely for each person inside their destiny to Know Him personally.


Over the years, as I've shared this ontology, I've spent intimate time with people everywhere saying the same thing. From the Episcopal priest to Chinese Medicine doctors, yogis, Lutherans and psychiatrists, the pagan priestess and the billionaire heiress, the stay-at-home mom and the Evangelical pastor, the off-grid hemp farming family and the corporate entrepreneur: Jesus is speaking to them in a new way, leading them along a Sovereign Way far beyond the cold walls of religiosity and status quo. Jesus has become even more real for so many that have allowed a new, personal relationship to grow from the vine, independent and sovereign from past doctrines they have felt so imprisoned by.

And I believe this is the time appointed for us to Know ourselves in a new way. 

The world's identity is going through a rapidly unfolding catastrophe. Temperatures are rising, ecosystems are shifting, wars are emblazoning, dictators rule, races are being annihilated, media announcements are horrifying, deepfake information is embedded with the siren's call into eternal confusion and distrust, the mainstream consciousness is losing hope. Craving for Truth is stronger than ever, while trust in religion is plummeting.

Our job in the midst of this is to be the presence that Knows a prevailing, enduring agreement that Love wins the day. The only Way we can do that is when we have the freedom to follow God's unique path for us, a Way free from influence and manipulation, where His Presence fills us up and overflows regardless of who's ego is trying to control the world within and around. That access to a Sovereign source is the simplest alchemy in the world, and love spreads like ripples on the surface of a cool Oasis pond in the midst of a forever sandstorm. 

We are set apart from the world when we remember that we're not separate from God, and we know we have the spiritual worth and authority to choose to be who we are. We already know that every manifest thing belongs to one unified body, and that our body, mind and energy is able to heal the natural world. We know Love is the Truth and the Truth is Love. This is an incredible privilege, and yet also the birthright and destiny of everyone. Now our commission is to be this Way, in every circumstance living and experiencing life as proof of the everlasting promise: I AM Sovereign. 

Discussions and fellowship have bubbled up from our conversations about living life The Sovereign Way. Many have found life-changing solace and clarity from the lens provided by the Sovereign ontology. 

Every Monday I go live on YouTube to share a story from my peculiar life, using The Sovereign Way and my favorite Bible verses to unwrap life philosophy, spiritual messages, meditations and thought experiments in a tapestry of lovely and joyful words. Join my YouTube channel to follow along: 

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Some people join my subscription membership, The Oasis. Imagine, in the midst of the wild sand storm, suddenly emerging a place of poise, spiritual enlivening and new faith. Deep wells of trust. Fresh bread for the Way ahead. We meet in this place every Monday for fellowship, to reflect on the week's stories, ask questions, practice, read together, and share some time with God before we go back out into the desert to carry water and spread seeds. People come and people go. Some people stay. It's the refreshment in the moment that counts, an immediate access to a wellspring of faith that never runs out.

Nanette Nuvolone

Spiritual Teacher / Energy Worker

I was ready to be challenged intellectually while upleveling my spiritual prowess. Elizabeth took me on a deep dive into the living, breathing document called “The Bible'' that had me “remembering” the truth of who I am in a way I’ve NEVER experienced before. My faith has deepened as a direct result of Elizabeth’s loving presence and astounding intellect.



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In The Oasis are hundreds of hours of video courses, Bible studies, prayer work tutorials, spiritual development tools. We are a grounded group of students who pray for and with each other. 



Organizing the mystery of Being

Some people work with me privately to cross this strange, new threshold on your sovereign way. As a master ontologist, I help you organize your understanding and gain lightness and clarity, and I make my living with my top-notch processor with an IQ of 140 that synthesizes rapid solutions and untangles mysterious, non-linear connections, connecting to your own genius mind without either of us losing the genuine human compassion for what you're experiencing.

Sovereign human intelligence.

Natalia Garcia

World Cup Tennis Athlete / Dietician & TV Cooking Show Star

"Amazing. Thank you for changing my Life.”
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Work with me privately or in groups.

Meet me on Zoom or in person for spiritual consultation and direction, mastery training or private tuition in the Sovereign ontology,

Book my Voice for your event.

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About Sovereign

You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.
Psalm 16:11

The Sovereign Way is a unique approach to spiritual thought and practice

"Sovereign" is a spiritual development movement creating ascending masters all over the world. You've probably already experienced this Word enhancing its presence in your Life, and you're increasingly experiencing the bliss of freedom and intimacy with the One. Yet, you are aware that there is a tension - for we are collectively at a pivot point in consciousness, and everything is changing. You know your Sovereignty will be all the more important in years to come, and even though you've committed yourself to the path of Love, you know you're going to need help.  


The Sovereign Way is a body of philosophy, a unique interpretation for life mastery and ascension for students of Truth and devotees of Love, weaving together the worlds of Magic, Genius and Jesus as a Way of getting to Know God.


The Sovereign Way leads to a deepened intimacy with God, an experience of higher spiritual perspectives and abilities, and an applied sovereign life mastery for a sense of freedom and peace. 

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