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A Thought Experiment for Leaders of Our Time

There is a path that meanders above all religions and spiritual ideologies.

You are going the Sovereign Way.



Organizing the Mystery of Being

This book is a thought experiment for the leaders of our time. A liberated and deeply hopeful experience of spiritual development to help prepare you for what is to come. This ontology is built in a new language and, combined with simple diagrams, will lead your mind across eight masteries that you will need for your coming assignment in the unfolding human epic.


There is an integrated group of people going the Sovereign Way, which meanders above all known religions and spiritual ideologies. Whatever we might call ourselves; heart-led leaders, apostles of Christ, devotees of Love, planetary lightworkers, tribe leaders or innovators from every region and religion, we recognize each other by the glint in our eyes, our radiance and power, and the wonders that follow us on this consecrated path.


Yet, though we are a coordinated network of world servers who intend to prove Love Wins, each one of us must go a uniquely Sovereign Way. The Sovereign Way is your path of healing, freedom, mastery and service. There is only one Way for you to go, and that is with God.


What happens next for you will happen whether you read this book or not. A whoomph will occur in a special, Sovereign Way that only you will ever experience. But even though anything might happen, there are certain things that must, and this book is the thought experiment that prepares the mind, vibration and body for what will come.


Joni Gracê

author of Feeling in the Gap, Carried Away, and The Ongoing

“If you are a seeker of Truth, you have a particular antenna for it—and so you recognize when it dawns or you happen to stumble upon it. I feel the transmission of Truths in this work, and the miracle of being changed in the moment. Rich, robust and so masterfully presented, there is a delicious satisfaction of soul in allowing myself to soak in the sacred presence called forth.”
A New Synthesis of World Servers.png

About The Sovereign Way

You will make known to me the path of life;
In your presence is fullness of joy;
In your right hand there are pleasures forever.
Psalm 16:11

This book is an ontology—an organization of words and ideas to describe the characteristics of this ineffable experience of ascending life with God.


It is a thought experiment to help you stay sovereign, in love and on mission. This thought experiment that can be done by anyone, no matter your spiritual lineage. After all, ontology exists only to connect timeless dots, and reconcile your heart’s true intelligence about who God is and what’s going on here.

The pages are soaked with a living language and a vibration you’ll recognize. The knowledge is arranged into models and ideas that join the dots of what you already know and help bring cohesion to how you view the world. The result is first the freedom and clarity to be happy in your expanding place within a much larger design and unfolding human epic—and then to mobilize your energy for the great commission already resonating through the fabric of reality.

Imagine that a gong has bonged from the core of the universe, and a cosmic resonance has rippled through nature with a whoomph. But just as the snake cannot see ultraviolet and the bee cannot see infrared, not everyone is aware of the bong. You are though. It enlivened you, you recognized a call and your heart has already answered:


Yes. I Am Here. I Am Willing.

Karen Heck

Massage Therapist / Poet

I found a place of solace, unique nurturing and unconditional understanding while in the midst of lost and solitary feelings. You brought such a sense of relief and gentle hope that new days can begin to dawn brighter and new clarity can open doors of new possibilities.
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