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Join Elizabeth for an intimate, private workshop in a charming little cottage in Sarasota, Florida to learn a new, simpler interpretation of the reiki craft as a Biblical framework and method for healing. 

"...they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well."

The Great Commission, Mark 16:18

Sovereign Reiki Workshop with Elizabeth_

Introducing Sovereign Reiki

Reiki is the holy, universal life force energy that transmits from Source, animating and restoring all things, is measurable through the human meridian system, can be understood and wielded by the conscious mind, and is intimately felt by the body's marvelous senses. It’s how hands-on healing works, and it can be used on anything manifest from a sore knee to a homecooked meal, a tense relationship or a set of coordinates in spacetime like a corporate board room.


Usui Reiki is a 102 year old system of practice, and Sovereign Reiki is the specific way I teach this system in line with Jesus’ commission to heal the world.

Dr. Francis Keating


"Elizabeth weaves together the complexities of biblical scripture, mysticism, and quantum phenomenon in a coherent and digestible way."

Enjoy a day in the garden to sit with Spirit and learn the ways of the Master Healer. Browse the photos in the gallery here and feel if this is a place you'd like to be. It is a day of intellectual expansion, vibrational practice and an activation of your next level in the gift of healing. You go home with a certification showing you have completed the course of study and been duly initiated, and are therefore acknowledged by the Usui Reiki system of natural healing as a a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

Anyone who deals with systems, operations, teams in their day to day will benefit from learning this simple mechanism to release tension. Anyone who touches other humans day to day will benefit from this popular healing method that beautifies and renews. 

  • 6 hour unique workshop and training

  • English tea and biscuits

  • Organic lunch and infused drinks.

  • Level 1&2 Reiki Practitioner's Certificate

  • 2 hour video course for later reference

  • Handbook

$350 full day group workshop

$1200 private immersion

After a day together in the garden under the Royal Poinsettia you will radically uplevel your intimacy and sensory partnership with the Holy Spirit that directs energy through you and into all you touch. 

Upcoming Group Dates

Saturday 9 March SOLD OUT

Saturday 20 April

Saturday 18 May

A Day At The Cottage

Amber Hurd, Ohio

I have been delivered from fear of religion. I was so tangled up in focusing on darkness, evil entities and protecting myself from spiritual warfare. Now I am much more stable spiritually. I have learned to focus on God without focusing on darkness. The Oasis is one of the stable things in my life.

What to expect:

This workshop is a gentle but mind-blowing experience for spiritual leaders, practitioners and disciples of Love from any tradition who are in a season of expansion, service and mastery, and want to develop their healing craft with a supportive society of peers in a Way that incorporates metaphysics, quantum mechanics, Bible scripture, genuine impact in our communities, and a real life connection with Jesus Christ. 

It is suitable whether you are new to reiki or a seasoned master.

Proof of Completion Melissa (2).png
1 / Who is Jesus and what is the Great Commission for someone on the Sovereign Way?

A Sovereign look at the evolution of human consciousness and the role of the universal intercessor and personal savior, with a review of the great commission that is placed on anyone who truly believes they are One with God and free to pursue life as they are led by His Sovereign hand on their own Way. 

2 / Staying sovereign - practicing energy work within spiritual law.

Using the Sovereign Model of Human Consciousness, understand the log of consciousness, the metaphysics and spiritual law involved in the craft of facilitating real life healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Discover what scripture really says about your vibrational authority when you walk the Sovereign Way.

3 / What is the history of reiki over the evolution of consciousness, where is it going, and how can it help in this day and age?

The oral tradition is passed between us like a flame to a flame, the way we humans have learned and shared with each other around fire pits and kitchen tables since the very beginning of our journey. The transmission in storytelling is powerful magic, which is why Jesus taught in parables that unlock deeper mysteries each time you revisit them.

4 / Using reiki for manifest things like physical healing, pain relief and beauty.

Practiced for 2500 years as a form of complementary therapy of energy healing, a simple form of laying on of hands, conducting a spiritual life force that renews and restores. It’s a real, manifest energy that travels through your biofield, and is proven to support relaxation, stress reduction, and harmony of the body systems.


5 / Using reiki to sanctify an energy field like a corporate board room, or to release tension in relationships and inner mental/emotional conversations.

Reiki is a spiritually sourced, human transmitted, pulsed electro-magnetic wave (moving at between 7-11Hz and at a voltage of .3 mV to 2.7 V). With practice, this energy can help sanctify and refresh any space.

6 / Using reiki in consciousness, to uphold personal authority and sovereign balance of mind, or to amplify spiritual work for world servers and lightworkers. 

Consciousness is beyond time and space, a shared field of infinite coordinates of possibilities and creative agreements that become patterns of experience and expression in manifest life. it is like the stained glass window in a mighty cathedral - the sun will always project the images, colors and textures from the glass to the floor. To transform the images on the floor, we must transform the stories in the glass. 

7 / Get Specific Precision Prayers and Protocols

Learn new, simpler and more powerful prayer techniques for your personality type to help amplify your healing touch, presence, prayer power and works of wonder. Practice these methods with support and encouragement. Get a video course and a handbook to use before and any time after your certification. 

Now eagerly desire the higher spiritual gifts - and yet I will show you the most excellent Way.

1 Corinthians 12:31

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