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You have discovered an incredible new book. With a lens of Sovereign poise, examine the relationship between consciousness, energy and form, bathing in vibration of grace as you unlock new, personal levels of spiritual authority in Christ.

For a Sovereign player in the conscious game of Life, the journey to the Kingdom has ended, and the journey within it has begun.

Your personal spiritual development is no longer about constantly healing the old, but becoming real, personal and intimate with God, experiencing extraordinary ascension in consciousness as you unlock the spiritual authority to live in signs and wonders.

You are no longer locked in the concrete cells of religiosity, nor are you trying to ascend into a cosmic, celestial, transcendental experience of infinity, because the richness of lived experience here and now is reality.


The real experience of ascension is a deepening dance with a high resolution lover right here in real Life. ​

This frees you from the need to escape your past, your human condition, your shared infrastructure, your intergenerational curses, toxic relationships, the oppressive forces of collective control, or Mercury retrograde. None of those threats matter. ​

You're no longer a spiritual seeker, you are Sovereign and alive. ​

Now your spiritual development is an exploration of your mastery and the liberation of your devotion.


Now eagerly desire the greater gifts. And yet I will show you the most excellent way. 1 Corinthians 12:31

The Sovereign Way is a liberated and deeply hopeful experience of spiritual development, laced with humor, genius and magic, and soaking with mercy.


The outcome of this work is final liberation from structure consciousness and a proven mastery in the healing arts, miracle-work and sovereign living.


This book outlines the philosophy and eight masteries that uphold a mindset and personal vibration of Sovereign poise for your conscious participation in the Game of Life.

The Sovereign Way

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