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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Do you feel weird when people refer to God as "Father"? I used to. Because let's be honest, the Holiest of Holy is above gender.

But as my relationship with him has matured and deepened in intimacy and personal communion, I have come to love the closeness and assurance he provides as Our Father.

The Alpha and Omega beyond definition possesses within itself the potential for manifesting both masculine and feminine qualities. These manifestations are part of the eternally balancing nature of existence.

The most basic masculine manifestation is that of Source. The seed, the will, the expression and extension.

The most basic feminine manifestation is that of Loving Consciousness. The dynamic power of creation through incubation, manifestation, and nurturing.

As natural beasts with linear minds and slowly (but steadily) ascending sentience, our human concepts about gender have been conditioned by the forces of cause and effect that we see in structure. We see active forces as male and passive forces as female, but this is only relevant to the chains of dominance found within patterns of organic life and physical structure.

On higher planes of existence male and female are simple ‘cause and cause’ working in harmony.

Yet - the characteristics of male and female are distinct:

  • Masculine nodes of creation are firm, steadfast, constant, dependable.

  • Feminine nodes of creation are interactional, adaptive, malleable.

You might say that if Father is the first node of the Trinity, then Mother is the dynamic between this Source, the Spirit and all Substance. (Watch: What is Trinity?)

Bible verses sanctioning male dominance and female submission have been used to excuse destructive socio-political behavior oppressing women, and controlling love with blasphemous ideas like that of the existence of gay people being some sort of regrettable mistake on God’s part. This mentality belongs to an outdated and irrelevant consciousness that relies on actual structure to define us: "I am a man because my molecules are arranged that way" as opposed to "I AM Man" and "Love should look like this because this ink on this paper defines it so" as opposed to "I AM Love."

But reading the Bible through the Sovereign lens unlocks higher mystery teachings. We see that these passages are actually references to universal balance, not human behavior. Universal order is maintained through mutual respect of male and female in their holy distinctions:

  • Constancy must govern activity.

  • Truth must reside above adaptation.

  • Source must precede the created.

  • Command over change must belong to the immovable.

In that respect, the Father God is in dominion over the Mother God the same way sunlight is in dominion over the nourishing earth.

You are an individual strand of God. So, like God, there is a male and female aspect to your personality. This indwelling potential can either be in balance or out of balance. A true marriage between Christ and Body requires a balance of feminine and masculine energy. This has nothing to do with gonads and chromosomes, which are manifest structures, and everything to do with the relationship between what is firm and steadfast and what is malleable and changing.

What we need most when we pray to God is his steadfast and firm direction, his constancy of provision, and his immovable Love. In a world and life that is ever-changing, Our Father is the dependable presence that never withdraws our worthiness no matter what. His tender but firm Sovereign hand on our shoulder as we walk along our challenging hardships is an assurance and promise that frees us to truly engage with the shifting tempers of Life.

The important thing for your spiritual development is that you nurture a personal relationship with God. The pronoun Father, (or "Abba" as Jesus called him) brings him into a poetic and mystical intimacy that just can’t be replicated with politically correct labels invoking the vastness of metaphysical structure, such as “Infinite Cosmic Creatrix” or even the simple, modern term “The Universe”.

Call on Father when you need his assurance, and let him hold you.

"There you saw how God carried you, as a Father carries his son, all the way you went until you reached this place."

Deutoronomy 1:31


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Monday 12pm EST Livestream open to all

The Fourth Mastery: Expansion.

This is a 45 minute teaching outlining a spiritual mindset protocol for handling absolutely anything. Because guess what, life is NOT just a trudging karmic cycle of healing and overcoming. It's also an exquisite experience of growth and discovery. And you MUST grow if you are to accept the amazing opportunity that is right in front of you.

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Wednesday 12pm EST Livestream open to all

The HERO's Protocol in Action

Matt and Maria synthesize the teaching and share their stories from using the HERO's Protocol allowing them to stay buoyant and surrendered in all sorts of outrageous life experiences.

Thursday 12pm in The Oasis, supporters only

Monthly Supporters Life Coaching: What are you expanding into? What is about to overwhelm you? Bring your stuff to the altar and let's clear it.

Friday 12pm in The Oasis, supporters only

Monthly Supporters Ascension Training: Real life practices for each of the steps in the HERO's Protocol.

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