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St Dorothy Kerin

My cousin St Dorothy Kerin was a well known miracle-worker.

Her ministry was rolling out during a historic time for the emergence of modern energy medicine and a rapid upgrade of human consciousness at the rock bottom self-destruction of global horror in the two world wars.

The 1920s was the decade where

  • Dr Mikao Usui discovered Reiki,

  • Ernest Holmes was formulating the Science of Mind,

  • the Urantia Book was being revealed,

  • Albert Einstein was formulating the Unified Field Theory (for the first time proving the omnipresence of Spirit), the basis on which all our modern scientific discoveries lie and which has propelled our understanding of God deep into the microcosm of particle physics and out into galactic outreach,

  • Davisson and Germer were demonstrating the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena which is the basis of our understanding of the universe as a malleable hologram that bends according to mind.

While all this was happening in the world, Dorothy survived a near death experience and was called by Christ to initiate a healing ministry, which was ultimately very successful.

Dorothy Kerin was born into an Anglican family on 28 November 1889 in Walworth, a suburb of London. Her father died when she was 12. She was in poor health from early childhood: she suffered from diabetes, meningitis, haemorrhages and other complications; allegedly she had an ecstatic vision early in life.

On the morning of Sunday, 4 February 1912 (she was 22), she sank into a state of near coma for two weeks and was clinically dead for eight minutes before instantaneously coming back to life on 18 February.

Physicians judged the healing inexplicable by modern science.

In those eight minutes, Kerin reported having seen Christ, who told her ‘to heal the sick, comfort the sorrowing and give faith to the faithless’. Media attention followed immediately, the healing was reported extensively in local and national newspapers, and many papers and books were written.

Dorothy Kerin is considered by Anglicans as a saint. She facilitated countless miracle healings.

These days those types of healings are known as "unexplained spontaneous remissions".

She was the only non-Catholic verified stigmatist. She is venerated as a charismatic healer by both Anglicans and Anglo-Catholics. She is commemorated in the Anglican ‘Kalendar of London’ as a holy woman.

One of my favorite quotes by her is:

“Although I consider myself Anglican, in healing there is no denomination, for there is but One Spirit.”

Many of her relatives and descendants stay connected to this day. We share higher spiritual gifts and demonstrating the holiness of the One Spirit through the body of God that we are.

It is my honor and delight to continue her legacy by teaching the development of higher spiritual gifts including healing, alchemy, miracle-work and transcendent faith.

"The vast multitude build up a barrier between the seen and the unseen, between spiritual beauty and themselves, by worldly lives and foolishness. As soon as this barrier is broken down there will be a great inrush of spiritual beauty and glory... I believe that we are on the threshold of a great revelation. Man is about to have a great awakening." - St. Dorothy Kerin (The Living Touch)

Further reading about Dorothy:

  • The Living Touch (Dorothy Kerin)

  • Faith and Suggestion, including the remarkable account of Dorothy Kerin 1915 (Edwin Lancelot Ash)

  • A Chosen Vessel, a story about Dorothy Kerin and Burrswood (Peta Pare)

  • Dorothy Kerin As I Knew Her (Marina Chavchavadze)

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