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Over 60: Am I Still Relevant?

When my grandmother died and my mum was diagnosed with cognitive decline, it sent a vibrational ripple through the mother-daughter lineage. With Alzheimer’s on the right threatening to suck the spirit into a void, and the Heart and Soul on the left saying “no way, here to stay!” the strange love affair that we have with our mortality once again became a pressing issue. Cue: What is the meaning of life?

With immediate effect, we began exploring what it is to have relevance as a person.

We sat together on the floor every evening for six months before we were separated by COVID restrictions, a steaming pot chamomile tea and some peaceful tunes filling the atmosphere, working our spiritual protocol for detoxing and rehabilitating the brain. The energy work was important, but not nearly as important as sharing stories.

“I used to be someone people listened to,” my mum said. “And now I am no longer relevant. Like I no longer have my finger on the pulse of how the emerging generations think and feel or what they need, so I am not worth listening to.”

In other words, her worth and validity were fundamentally entangled with the workings of the world, so she stood to lose it all the moment she “fell behind”. Since the realms of thought, emotion and body are entangled with our sense of worth, when our spirit falls, so does everything else.

Of course, our inner wisdom and soul’s intuition knows that as long as we’re on this planet, we have a purpose and a place, no matter how much the subconscious and conscious minds argue otherwise. And if we aren’t feeling that we have purpose and value, it means we’ve attached our worth to a set of circumstances that we’re not living up to. Like, for example, “the workings of the world.”

That’s good news, because it means we can change those parameters and immediately find ourselves overflowing with purpose and societal value. Your soul’s essence and calling doesn’t change, but the way it is expressed through you does. If there is a spiritual anchor in the world (which is what purpose provides), then there is a wellspring of power that channels through your word and deed, weaving your spirit and presence into life.

My darling Mummy, a blessing and a challenge is that your generation is the first generation where 60 is still youthful. You are healthier, more educated and well-travelled than any retired generation before. This makes you an anomaly, and society isn’t really set up for you.

The traditional dogma is that you spend your life working for retirement, and now you’re supposed to sit back and enjoy watching life go by. But if that is the model you’ve lived by, then you haven’t had much time and spiritual space to really explore your soul’s calling and develop your legacy of impact.

And let’s acknowledge that if you were brought up in a consciousness that valued structure and principle, then the structures around your way of being, like your neural pathways and your behavioral patterns, are likely to be well-cemented and ingrained. Easier said than done to change.

Let me just pop a disclaimer here: My area of expertise is not sociology and I am blatantly over-generalizing. But I wish to demonstrate an effect. I am an expert in ontology - the meaning of life and the art of becoming. My area of specialization is the relationship between vibrational dynamics and consciousness. The job is to look at the personal traumas, cultural influences, mental and emotional patterns plus your macro-spiritual direction that all make up the framework you live in, and then understand where to make energetic shifts so you can become more of who you really are. Then purpose and place reveal themselves organically.

The two demographics called the Baby Boomers (born 1945-61) and the Silent Generation (born 1930 to 1945) form an interesting dynamic together, and they share space in the mysterious realm called “retirement”.

Both groups are bridge-building generations, contributing to the transition from the rigidly structured yet uncertain energy fields of pre- and post-War consciousness, to the turbulence of the unprecedented progress and change that we see in the modern age. They were the first humans who had to begin relating to horror on a global scale. Despite this, and despite a chasm of generational consciousness between them, these two generations opened more doors in science, technology, social acceptance and spiritual maturity than has ever been known on the planet. They created the space for the great awakening. And these soul leaders are now settling into their retirement...

...which may last several decades before they reach their sunset years.

Should you spend that time being irrelevant? Worthless? Invalidated? No longer worth listening to?

Listen, you silver lining in the cloud of our collective consciousness:

You are the weavers of the values that we Millennials consider innate and paramount to a wholesome way of life:

  • The freedom to move.

  • The freedom to express.

  • The freedom to explore.

  • The freedom to know.

  • The freedom to choose.

  • The right to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

  • What else? I could list a trillion benefits of being who I am in this day and age. The world is not a derelict disaster, it's a thriving garden of opportunity, and I get to participate in it because you fought for it to be so.

You DO get to embody these values in your life, and experience the reflection of them in everything you do. Everything.

The journey that my mum and I are on together is a coming of age story. It is a path called

The Sovereign Way.

It goes like this:

1. Remember: Who was I told I am, and who am I really?

2. Recognize: What mechanisms and structures did I build up to safeguard those identities?

3. Release: How will I systematically forgive, atone and release old frameworks?

4. Re-Enter: How will I emerge into a new participation in life, with new parameters for worth, and how will I move in the world with those new settings?

5. Power Up: How will I optimize and attune my body, my mind and my spirit so my very best years are to come?

6. Surrender: How will I master the metaphysical state of “living in the flow” so I no longer have to suffer in resistance to what I can’t control?

7. Devote: How will I know and live in my purpose, allowing direction to come from within and embodying an unshakable worth?

What my mother and I (and hundreds of my clients over the years) have found, is that by using the teachings and methods in The Sovereign Way we can defy all the limitations placed on our value, to experience a self-realization and a home-coming that forever dissolves the question: “Am I worth listening to?”

For my mum, it means a life of meaning, joy and purpose, regardless of whether she remembers where she put the keys. To be able to "allow" a cognitive disability to coexist with a fully whole and beloved soul.

To know that it wasn't all-for-nought, it truly mattered and the world is better because you were here. To wake up in the morning excited about a day full of moments, with a mind that has space to observe the nuances of light in the garden, and a belly that has space for the deliciousness of rumbling laughter. To go about those moments with a heart that is open for new ways of loving and being loved, and with hands that have direction to work the noble activities of the day that give so much fulfillment and sensory experience.

And most of all, to continue enjoying a day-to-day experience of magical moments, whether those moments are recalled the next morning or not.

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