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The Sovereign Model of Human Consciousness

On a microcosmic quantum level all things are interconnected in an infinite singularity of consciousness. In this article we shall give it the name God – but the name is irrelevant, and its exact nature is a mystery.

The quality of God that is in movement is called essence, and there are other names for it too – Chi, Prana, Holy Spirit. Just as a raindrop forming in a rain cloud is of the same essence and substance as all other rain drops and also the cloud itself, so too is the human consciousness an individualized expression of that singular consciousness. In the most simplistic way of describing it, a strand of the total field of essence is drawn out and focused into one laser point. You.

You are the individualised expression of God.

The human consciousness is by its nature fractured. It is not broken, but diamond faceted in a way that it refracts the purity of essence like sunlight refracting in the raindrop and displaying a rainbow – into a variety of value.

From down here we observe and place judgements or copy others’ judgements on that variety – this is good, this is better, that is very bad. Those judgments become paradigm, stories of what is true about life become written in the many facets of that diamond consciousness. They are data held in the DNA – which we could perhaps call Jacob’s Ladder, the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

The creative essence that is individualized and focused into this diamond, moves through the prism and its many stories, and takes on the color and texture of what we have decreed is true about us and reality. It condenses as energy. This creative energy is projected into the holographic quantum soup, or the matrix as some call it. This is what we experience as Life. This energy, the buzzing of all your cells, is made of brainwave, heartwave, subtle life force and electromagnetic output, is often called the Biofield.

Manifest reality, which is made of the same substance as the rest of the raincloud, arranges itself in response to that energy, like metal shavings scurrying to form the shapes and textures commanded by the magnet under the sheet of paper. It is a bit of a mystery how the science of this works, but we have some very crude and basic understanding from light experiments like the Davisson Germer experiment [1] and all the other evolutions of the famous Double Slit experiment by Thomas Young [2]. Over the years these have revealed more and more about the wave-particle duality and the bizarre ways our observations alter the fabric of reality. In short, life is malleable and takes on the shape of the stories we tell, and we dance with it though trauma, reconciliation, adventuring, forgetting, and remembering.

This video explains further:


Think of a stained glass window in a holy sanctuary, which is what your mind is. The sunlight is pure and whole on one side of it, and when it shines through the windows it becomes the stories embedded in the glass. The sunlight has not been compromised in anyway, it is still as whole and perfect as ever before – but it will project the stories of the window onto the hard, stone floor for you to experience as life. When we want to change what we see, we often get distracted trying to scrub the floor. People can easily spend their whole life in therapy, on medication, or as spiritual seekers, trying to alter the effect of our projection on the floor.

But if we direct our awareness into the consciousness first, and let that new perspective govern the energy field and the molecular structure, things change fast. Since the choices we make all compound to create our life's experience, including our bodies, it is much quicker to realign our awareness and come into presence than it is to learn new habits by will and discipline alone. It is easier to change the DNA of the onion than to keep healing never-ending layers. To use another helpful metaphor, it is easier to topple the first domino and watch the automatic realignment happen as a ripple effect. We make better choices naturally when we are in a state of alignment. So instead of learning and researching and analyzing all the conflicting everything to arrive at the correct data to inform our choices in life and finances and relationship and business, we focus instead on nurturing our Sovereign state of presence so we are equipped to follow intuition in a safe surrender.

When we cultivate that art, we are naturally drawn to the healthful choices that ultimately restore harmony to the human mind- not because we really ought to, but because we desire it. For example, without studying reference material we're more likely to naturally reach for the one essential oil that has the exact chemical composition to support the brain and heart through that specific challenge we're dealing with today - not because we've learned all the facts and figures and trained ourselves to conduct ourselves in a militantly healthy way, but because we just want to.

Let’s look at what this means in relationship for example.

Stand with me here, in the cathedral of your life. And look up there, to the window that is your consciousness. If we examine the lovely stained glass, full of color and texture, we see all the stories written as codes in your DNA. Maybe they look a bit like “If work isn’t hard then it isn’t really work” or “Suffering must be a part of a noble life” or perhaps “There is a right way to live and I don’t know what it is” or “they don’t understand me” or even “I am unlovable.”

Now turn your gaze with me, and let’s look at the stone floor here under the window. The beautiful imagery that we see here on the floor is the projection of those beliefs into the world, and your own thoughts about those beliefs and your emotional response to those beliefs. So, it is what you think about life and what you feel about what you think about life.

Now, another window appears, projecting onto another patch of the floor. It is your mother, or father, or husband, or ex-wife. And that one’s stories. And the image on the floor is what they think about life, and what they feel about what they think about life.

What happens in relationship is that the two windows are projecting onto the same patch of flagstone cathedral floor. Now the imagery is a bit more murky and hard to make out. This is relationship. This is the meeting of what you think about life and what you feel about what you think about life, and what they think about life and what they feel about what they think about life, PLUS what you believe they think about life and what you feel about what you believe they think about life, PLUS what they believe you think about life and what they feel about what they believe you think about life. Quite the algorithmic mess.

Liberation therefore is not in trying to understand life and the other through the distortions of these complexly interlinked paradigms, but to gaze inward beyond the facts and stories that make up the framework through which we view the world. The practice of purifying and simplifying the facets of the diamond consciousness, is Mastery. Mastery is not control. It is the art and craft of practicing Sovereignty in life. This is only possible when we are no longer attached as form identity – we no longer believe the projection, but we engage with it as its lover, not as its victim.

In this consciousness we are safe to identify triggers in life that invoke an emotional response and subsequent pattern thinking. We acknowledge those as results of paradigm. Paradigm is any story in the window that we have adopted as “fact” about what potentials are true in the field of infinite potentiality.

We examine those “facts” and choose anew, by releasing that data from the DNA field and gently installing a new truth. We can do this with curiosity and wonder – what will life be like when I no longer believe that suffering makes me worthy? Or when I no longer believe that failure is dangerous? Or when I no longer believe that time is of the essence? Or when I now believe that I am loved, loving and lovable forever.

It is tricky – the world is full of triggers, globules of evidence that have manifested in support of your old beliefs. The triggers invoke an emotional response – and that’s ok. And the emotional response triggers pattern thought. That’s ok too. And then what we feel about what we think – that becomes a vibrational output into the world of form, and we behave and respond accordingly. The cycle continues.

Breaking the cycle is easy with The Sovereign Way. Alleviating the manifested symptom, balancing the energy field, and changing the stories in the cathedral window can be done rapidly by combining the right coordinates of Mind with the right frequency of Energy, and altering these in a systematic process that aligns with a natural cosmic expansion. In other words: You become the unicorn version of yourself, fast.

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