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Are you looking for a brand new way to read the Bible? Welcome to a new course in biblical interpretation for the sovereign mind.


Crucially, we will not tell you what the Bible says, but we will give you a curious lens through which to read this holy scripture.


When you master this method of translation for yourself, it will reveal the relationship between between structure and essence, the truth about the extraordinary quantum effect of salvation, and most importantly: the holy balance between mastery and surrender, the alchemy of being truly human.

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Introducing a new course.

Is it for you? This course will delight your mind, nourish your spirit, and activate a spiritual upgrade if: 


  • You are an independent spiritual seeker from any school of thought who is feeling a new pull into biblical teachings and a tingling interest in who the real Jesus is.

  • You want a way to learn that does not include traditional dogmatic structure or patriarchal judgment.

  • You are a high thinker who has the capacity to process new ideas well, and you are open to learning new ways of knowing.

  • Your goal is to deepen your own personal relationship with the divine.

Meet the Presenter:

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Course Contents

What's included?


  • HANDBOOK: The Sovereign Way - core principles and explanatory diagrams. 

  • 10 Video Teachings: Released weekly, rich and opulent explorations that will deeply heal, rapidly expand and activate new spiritual gifts.

  • Assignments and Experiments: Released weekly, practical activities that will amplify your experience of abundance, superpower and grace.

  • HANDBOOK: Bible Verses for Sovereignty.

  • Weekly study group in an intimate Zoom setting, every Tuesday at 9am EST - expect exciting friendships!

  • Membership gives access to group spiritual direction, ascension teachings, community and daily prayer and energy work.

The Sovereign Way is a system of interpretation that takes into account modern understanding of the relationship between source, the unified field, and the God particle. This interpretation unlocks consciousness teachings not available to those reading linear words in ink on paper, and activates your own personal revelation of God’s symphony, unquenchable grace and divine sense of humor. 

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Join The Oasis Academy with a $20 monthly membership.

We will send you a welcome pack with course materials and schedule. 

The Team


Elizabeth A Wilson

Course author, video presenter

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Maria K Viklund

Group leader

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Matthew A Wilson

Course coordinator

Sovereign Bible Verses (4).png
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