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Raising Crystal Children

A Sovereign Masterclass

for Parents of Kids with Unique Attributes

February 25th
10am - 2pm EST / 3pm - 7pm GMT / 4pm - 8pm CET


This free masterclass gives practical techniques for helping your child ground and balance their energy.


Children who are highly sensitive or with neuro-divergent cognitive processes can find it hard to "fit in", are often diagnosed with ADD or ADHD with parents feeling powerless and worried. Some of these children receive medication to help parents cope, and often parents know they want more holistic support.


With enhanced sensitivities and spiritual abilities, these children are charged with an energy the world has never seen before, as if prepared for a world that doesn’t yet exist. As collective energy changes and structures of control move further from our core values, old ways of developing children no longer work. It is now more important than ever to help children cultivate a sovereign identity and teach them the basic human masteries of spiritual, vibrational and mental self-care.


Cultivating Sovereignty and Self-Care

Your child is "unusual" and systems aren’t set up to give your child the fullness of what they need.

We are entering an age of reinvention, connectivity and heightened awareness. Little ones are increasingly born with sharpened intuition and extraordinary ways of processing. They are neurodivergent and “different”, often with higher spiritual gifts and abilities. These children help elevate the collective consciousness and establish a new way being, sometimes called “homo noeticus” or “homo spiritus”, in an age of self awareness and conscious humanity.

Their increased sensitivity to energy can quickly scramble their sense of grounding, which can lead to sabotaging behavior. They may also become highly anxious and develop obsessive-compulsive coping mechanisms, depression and despair. They can demonstrate non-compliance and resistance to authority, and are often diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.


So how do you help your child to be free to be who they are, cultivating the gifts unique to them,

 while still keeping them safe within a workable shared structure? 

And since consciousness is shifting from control to connection, what does this mean for how we teach

boundaries, development, respect and consequence? 

And if your child is highly sensitive, processes energy differently or is experiencing supernatural or spiritual happenings, how can you help them stay grounded in sovereign authority while the whole world around them changes? 


Join us for a highly educational and healing masterclass, with practical parenting methods and simple energy techniques for your child.

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Meet The Expert

Stephanie Duncan

Holistic Family Wellness Advisor

Mother to three extraordinary children, Steph is a registered nurse with a specialism in public health for 0-5 year olds. She spent nine years in the UK's National Health Service (NHS) focused on early parenthood, postpartum needs, parenting with trauma, and safeguarding at-risk children.


Following her own path of training both in the traditionally allopathic NHS and the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing, she has curated a fresh and vibrant program of education to empower you as a parent of a Crystal Child.

What's Included: 

Masterclass in four lessons: invaluable, hand-picked parenting techniques for a new style of child development.

Four sessions of group coaching: get live answers to your real life situation and discover new solutions.

One month membership in The Oasis: a training group to continue practice and community with other Crystal parents.

The video replay (excluding group sessions) and a beautiful, accessible handbook of practices and tips.

Private discovery call to discuss your unique energy protocol based on your parenting style and child's personality.

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What Our Students Said About The Sovereign Experience:

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