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Join Elizabeth and friends in The Oasis for a 5 week course called MIRACLE-WORKER, starting Monday November 6th 2023. 

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Presented by Elizabeth, author of

The Sovereign Way

Elizabeth loves giving opulent teachings and provocative thought experiments. Her unique presentation style combines her mastery of story-telling with a powerful energetic transmission for a visceral experience of the Holy Spirit through the living Word of God, as "we, with unveiled faces, are transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory." (2 Cor 3:18). Elizabeth authored the foreword to the anthology "Manifesting Modern Miracles" and has been an intercessor for miracle-work for ten years. She is also related to St Dorothy Kerin, the miracle-healer!

In this course, perfect for spiritual leaders, practitioners and disciples of Love from any tradition, you will experience a refreshing and empowering landscape of the metaphysics and spiritual law involved in Conscious Miracle-Work. Whether you're a beginner or decades into your practice, this course will elevate, delight and yield genuine results in your service-led manifesting.

Join our study group The Oasis to experience this course.

Feedback from our last course, Deliverance

John Olenski, Florida

A door opened to something beyond my imagination, from reconciling an estranged relationship to focusing and amplifying my spiritual authority. I get so much of my spiritual strength from our weekly group sessions, I thrive in the story-telling.

What to expect:

This course is a gentle but mind-blowing experience for spiritual leaders, practitioners and disciples of Love from any tradition who are in a season of expansion, service and mastery, and want to develop with a supportive society of peers in a Way that incorporates metaphysics, quantum mechanics, Bible scripture, genuine impact in our communities, and a real life connection with Jesus Christ. 

1 / How to be a Miracle-Worker

Understand the log of consciousness, the metaphysics and spiritual law involved in the craft of facilitating real life miracles, signs and wonders. Includes "what is Truth and how to Know it"!

2 / Get Specific Precision Prayers and Protocols

Learn new, simpler and more powerful prayer techniques for your personality type to help amplify your presence, prayer power and works of wonder. Practice these methods with support and encouragement.

3 / Enjoy Medicine from Scripture

Enjoy a new Way to read the Bible. We interpret scripture through a modern lens of consciousness, quantum mechanics, neurolinguistic psychology, energetics and sovereign living. Experience the magic of living Word and develop your Bible fluency.

4 / Practice real life conscious miracle-work

With practical and simple weekly assignments, step into your life, business or community as someone with the authority to command miraculous outcomes. Improve, uplevel and fine-tune your manifesting. 

5 / Condition the mind

Enjoy challenging and thought provoking experiments that bring serenity and revelation as you condition your psyche.

6 / Build Your Muscle for Sovereignty

Build mental and vibrational mastery, deepen your intimacy and sensitivity, practice new levels of surrender and mastery. Get to know Jesus again in your new log of consciousness. 

8 / Get Connected with a Larger Network of World Servers

The Oasis is a group of devotees of the Way and masters of sovereignty who unite in the Great Commission to support each other in solidarity and development. With Bible study, energy practices, thought experiments, hot seat coaching and group story-telling and prayer, this container is a powerful magnetic field for transformation. 


We meet on Zoom

Mondays 12:00 EST - 13:00 EST and

Thursday 12:00 EST - 13:00 EST.

Teachings are recorded.

Group sessions are not. 


Replays, guided self-paced study and group support available throughout. You will not be left behind if you miss a session.


Meet the Teachers

The Oasis consists of around 30 spiritual leaders all over the world. Each member is in their own way both a student and a teacher contributing to the group with reflection, insight, wisdom, practices and testimony. During this course you will meet many on The Sovereign Way. Of all the remarkable people in The Oasis, you'll probably see Elizabeth and Christy most often. Elizabeth delivers teachings on Mondays, and Christy hosts and facilitates the group on Thursdays.

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