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Spiritual Healing and Transformation

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I AM TRUTH is a video course, a beautiful journey of transcendence and renewal through the landscapes of identity and form, and into the essence of a truer Self. In this one-way soul journey you will learn how to leave your unwanted patterns behind. ​Designed to save you eons of treading water in your spiritual progress and enlightenment, this gorgeously eloquent course takes you through the pivotal stages of reconnecting, discerning and releasing. It is a masterfully directed course of spiritual teaching, meditation, metacognition techniques and simple energy alchemy, and it suits the spiritual traveller anywhere along your path. I AM TRUTH puts you where you belong - in charge of your Self. Get the energy tools and strategy you need to break through the glass ceiling, transcend your current reality and emerge into a new realm of consciousness. Using VIBRATIONAL ONTOLOGY, a ground-breaking method for embodied learning, you will learn how to discern the difference between limitation and opportunity, paradigm and Truth, and how to restore balance at a quantum level for renewed mental, emotional and physical energy while regaining and maintaining Sovereign Poise in life, relationships and in your business.

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