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Raising Crystals

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A masterclass in four lessons: invaluable, hand-picked parenting techniques for a new style of child development. This generation of children is unique in human history. Traditional systems of education, medicine and even parenting aren’t set up to give our children the fullness of what they need. ​ We are entering an age of reinvention, connectivity and heightened awareness. Little ones are increasingly born with sharpened intuition and extraordinary ways of processing. They are neurodivergent and “different”, often with higher spiritual gifts and abilities. With enhanced sensitivities and spiritual abilities, these children are charged with an energy the world has never seen before, as if prepared for a world that doesn’t yet exist. Old ways of developing children no longer work. It is now more important than ever to help children cultivate a sovereign identity and teach them the basic human masteries of spiritual, vibrational and mental self-care. So how do we help our children to be free to be who they are, cultivating the gifts unique to them, while still keeping them safe within a workable shared structure? ​ ​ The first step is parenting through connection, not control. This class explores the Way.

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